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Leadership Styles

Everyone has their own leadership style and developing what they are is just part of becoming who you are. It’s key to finding that perfect job


Inpiring video

As I discover who I want to be I love watching TED videos and gaining insight. Here is one that I found to be a great inspiration.



The Path

Everyone has a path, or at least that is what “they” tell us when we are deciding what it is that we want to do with the rest of our lives. There is this path that we walk along to get to where we end up, but really when do we ever end? I walk along my path deciding what it truly is that I want to do with my career and even in my life in general. I have jumped and skipped along different paths for years and have only in the past couple years really figured out even the subject of my career path. Entertainment marketing is where I want to go, but how do I get there. This is the struggle I have had with my path. There are so many different aspects of entertainment marketing that I would love to learn and try and it makes it very hard to figure out where to start. I know that once I even get there, my path will suddenly grow and I will then be seeking more and more. I am a learner. I love to learn new things and grow. I am constantly trying to figure out the next thing I can do to improve and to develop in myself. The path is the journey we all take, by no means is it the end result in any sense of the word. It is as if fog is at the end of the path and really we only see what we can see up ahead, but there is so much more to offer and as we walk closer we see more developing.

The Worlds Around Me

As I work for the Walt Disney Company, who uses social media very effectively, I realize the branches of opportunity I have with the company. Not only can I network with thousands of people, even on a daily basis, but also I am constantly learning things in all different kinds of lines of business. I have the ability to work in my department, yet still learn tips and tricks for food services, attraction operations, stores operations, and even security. That is something not every job can provide. So my goal this summer is to learn as much as I can, report about it (with the details I can provide), and grow exponentially as I seek out my career in the field I love most, entertainment marketing.