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Preparing for an Interview

So after the efforts of this class and pursuing a career in marketing, I am pleased to say I have an interview tomorrow for a marketing position. The reason for even getting the interview was solely because of social media. A friend of mine saw one of her friends post a status on Facebook about her company looking for marketing people to join the team, and my friend thought of me. It was the first time that I had really seen social media at its best when it came to networking and job search related things, especially Facebook. I am beyond ecstatic to say the least. But with every interview preparation comes the nerves and so I begin my night before an interview prep work to ensure I have the best chances with this marketing position.


In my line of business at the Disneyland Resort, we have these things called Walks. What they really are are time that our managers and our leads take out of their day to do a walk through the park together and talk. We talk about life goals and where we want to go in the company, but we also just get to know each other better. Recently I have been really thinking about what my next steps are and I have been on a couple of Walks with two different managers. Both have given me great incite and advice on how to advance and things to think about as the summer progresses. A good walk can definitely renew your sense of pride in your job and spark interest in the future when it seems like a dying light.

Social Media Conversations

It’s a strangely cool and interesting thing to have a conversation with different companies on a social media site. I have done it a few times, but this past week I had the pleasure of conversing with American Airlines via Twitter. I had tweeted something about a great interaction I had with one of their employees and they replied to me wanting to know the details so they could pass on the good word to their employee. It was awesome to be able to put in a compliment via Twitter. It amazes me every time that I could literally talk to anyone I wanted to with social media. The world literally is our oyster if we make it so. It was encouraging to know that social media is what you make of it, and if you make it awesome, it can be a great tool for connections.

How videos go Viral


This video is so relevant to the class that I am currently in…Social Media Marketing. Amazing how the weirdest and most unique things can go viral.