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Here or there?

I’ve always wanted to travel and I have been able to travel in the past, but now that I am really thinking about what I want I realize that a job where there is a little bit of travel is ideal for me. I want to see the world and, hey, why not get paid to do so, right? I’m not saying I would want to be traveling 75% of the time but traveling here and there is super appealing to me. I want to be able to learn about other places and I have even thought about what it would be like to live in other states. I’ve often researched jobs in other cities and states outside of the southern California area, but never have found one that I would ultimately pick up and move for. One of my dreams has always been to live in New York City for a year or so, but I would definitely settle for a career that allowed me to travel there or even the east coast in general. It’s crazy what I consider now and that it could actually be reality if I find the perfect job. But until then I will just stay here…


In my line of business at the Disneyland Resort, we have these things called Walks. What they really are are time that our managers and our leads take out of their day to do a walk through the park together and talk. We talk about life goals and where we want to go in the company, but we also just get to know each other better. Recently I have been really thinking about what my next steps are and I have been on a couple of Walks with two different managers. Both have given me great incite and advice on how to advance and things to think about as the summer progresses. A good walk can definitely renew your sense of pride in your job and spark interest in the future when it seems like a dying light.