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Preparing for an Interview

So after the efforts of this class and pursuing a career in marketing, I am pleased to say I have an interview tomorrow for a marketing position. The reason for even getting the interview was solely because of social media. A friend of mine saw one of her friends post a status on Facebook about her company looking for marketing people to join the team, and my friend thought of me. It was the first time that I had really seen social media at its best when it came to networking and job search related things, especially Facebook. I am beyond ecstatic to say the least. But with every interview preparation comes the nerves and so I begin my night before an interview prep work to ensure I have the best chances with this marketing position.


The Worlds Around Me

As I work for the Walt Disney Company, who uses social media very effectively, I realize the branches of opportunity I have with the company. Not only can I network with thousands of people, even on a daily basis, but also I am constantly learning things in all different kinds of lines of business. I have the ability to work in my department, yet still learn tips and tricks for food services, attraction operations, stores operations, and even security. That is something not every job can provide. So my goal this summer is to learn as much as I can, report about it (with the details I can provide), and grow exponentially as I seek out my career in the field I love most, entertainment marketing.